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Update June 201:
Rooted Time For Sell
Finally you can buy the first Vassy Courtes´s Long Playing after almost a year of its Reverbnation launching. Remember the tracks in the store are just sampling and quality could not be as good as you expect but the original track (mp3 - 320) sounds good and with high quality.
New Messy Blues´s Image
Vassy Courtes's guitarist will debut new image in the next Mexican Tour changing some details that were already classic in his image, such as the hair that will be long and the use of tight clothes. His image will include some prehispanic elements and some others of the Native American type as well as he will stop using glasses.
As it is known, Messy Blues uses Fender guitars and Korg effects as well as buttons on his strap and bandanas attached to the belt to avoid damaging his guitars. This time he will use those elements that he left aside for a while.
New Bass Player in Vassy Courtes
Vassy Courtes´s original bass player, Gabriel Gavidia has left the front bass position due to his otic health. This happened since last July but the band keeped it out of view until physician give its last diganostic. To this point emerges a new replacemente in bassist Hector Melgarejo who is going to cover the next Vassy Courtes's next Mexican Tour.
Gabriel works as creative counsil since last January 2018.
Finally For Sale!
After almost a year from its Reverbnation released just for listen, NOW you can buy the first Vassy Courte´s Long Playing!
Vassy Courtes release their first long playing"Rooted Time" 
"Rooted Time" is the title of the CD release by Vassy Courtes. After 4 long years of hard working and against all odds, the album will finally be ready for its followers throughout the next august 2018.
"Rooted Time" portrays precisely part of all those eventualities and at the same time makes a tribute to Classic Rock.
By now you can listen it online here:


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